the digital alias of Despina Panagakos Yeargin


I am a food lover, cooking coach and experienced cooking instructor. Some spread the mayonnaise. I spread the love. Food is love. I also write about food and a few other things. Mostly about food.

I enjoy sharing recipes, techniques and tips with others. As a cooking coach, I help people with the sticky places in their cooking adventures so they can grow and become more comfortable with trying recipes beyond their current comfort zone.

LET ME FEED YOU: Food and cooking have always meant happy times for me, whether it was my grandmother showing me how to shape kourabiethes into the classic crescent moon or my mother teaching me how to make mayonnaise from scratch for her famous Russian Salad. Food has been a reason to gather and celebrate, and a darned good reason to spend time with someone–chopping, peeling, stirring–with a lot of catch-up conversation over a nice glass of wine or refreshing iced tea.

I’VE BEEN EVERYWHERE: I was born in Greece, lived in Australia for 13 years and in the United States longer than anywhere else. I live in the Southern U.S. with my partner, pal and sweetie, my husband Dewey. My DNA test would show that I am almost 100% Greek, but my heart is connected to three continents.

I’VE DONE (ALMOST) EVERYTHING: I have worked in the office of the Australian Prime Minister, I have served as director of our museum, I have owned a catering company, I have taught cooking classes and I have owned a small restaurant as the chef-owner.  The restaurant was tough.  My hat’s off to people who do this every day!  Now I enjoy writing about food, researching and cooking to develop recipes for future cookbooks, feeding friends & family and teaching a few cooking classes.  My favorite, hands down, is to gather a bunch of friends and feed them.  Lots of laughter, a little wine and eating just a bit too much as we wind down the evening with some amazing music. OH! I did eat a scorpion taco that one time in the Yucatan! It was okay, but I’m not doing it again.