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I’m that person. Yes, THAT person–the one who really enjoys looking at your photos and listening as you share your journey of discovery, of sorrow or success. Yup, THAT person. I also love sharing your memorable life events and journeys through my writing. From time to time, I come across inspiring stories, and that’s when I just can’t help myself, and these words come skipping out of my mouth, “How about I pitch an idea to (fill in the blank) magazine so we can share your story with others?” It brings me great joy to put others on the stage and let their brilliant little light shine. If you’d like to share your journey with me, reach out via social media or my contact information. I promise to give it serious consideration.

The following are samples of my writing. Click on the image for a pdf of the full article.

Greenwood’s Empty Bowls and the community of volunteers who gather annually to guarantee its success.
Greek Lentil Soup Memories
Greek Fava Soup